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Re: [Bacula-devel] resetting volume status

On Monday 28 April 2008 20:46:26 Andreas Piesk wrote:
> Kern Sibbald schrieb:
> > Mounting a filesystem on a directory that has files in it will mask the
> > files in that directory.
> > So bnoth of the problems described above if they come from mounted
> > filesystems (not local filesystems) are probably caused by not always
> > having the filesystem correctly mounted for one reason or another. 
> > Bacula currently *never* deletes any Volume, so that is just not
> > possible.  However, if Volumes are disappearing, it is likely that there
> > is a local Volume that Bacula creates or uses when the filesystem is not
> > mounted, and there is a different Volume (or none) that Bacula uses when
> > the filesystem is mounted.
> the filesystem with the volumes was not umounted/remounted or something
> similar. but it's good to know that bacula never deletes volumes. i will
> keep an eye on the problem, maybe i can find out, what's going wrong.

Hmmm. OK.  I really have no idea what is going wrong in that case, so I will 
be interested if you can come up with some more info.

By the way, for the list records, the SD does delete a few files such as spool 
files, so it is theoretically possible it could delete a Volume, but that 
seems to be nearly impossible, and if it did happen there would probably be 
all kinds of other failures.  Also in the development SVN for the next major 
version, which I assume does not apply here, when a Volume is recycled (and 
only during recycling), it is truncated, if the size of the file after 
truncation is not zero (apparently NFS doesn't implement truncation), the SD 
will delete the file, but it will then immediately re-create it and re-label 
it, so even in that case the Volume should never be missing unless it is on 
some mounted device as I mentioned in my previous email.

Best regards,


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