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[Bacula-devel] Feature Request


after nearly 3 years of writing nothing here, I am back - with a feature request :)
I recently upgraded from bacula 1.36 to 2.2.8 in order to use the job spooling feature. The feature is working, but bacula always waits for appendable media before it starts spooling. So, after the operator has inserted the media, again 2 or more hours are spent for spooling before the tape starts writing. I think it would be nice if the spooling would immediately start when the job is submitted by the user or the scheduler. And here comes the formal feature request:

Item 1:   Start spooling even when waiting on tape
  Origin: Tobias Barth <tobias.barth@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  Date:   25 April 2008

  What:   If a job can be spooled to disk before writing it to tape, it should be spooled immediately.
          Currently, bacula waits until the correct tape is inserted into the drive.

  Why:    It could save hours. When bacula waits on the operator who must insert the correct tape (e.g. a new
          tape or a tape from another media pool), bacula could already prepare the spooled data in the
          spooling directory and immediately start despooling when the tape was inserted by the operator.
  2nd step: Use 2 or more spooling directories. When one directory is currently despooling, the next (on different
            disk drives) could already be spooling the next data.

  Notes:  I am using bacula 2.2.8, which has none of those features implemented.


Tobias Barth

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