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[Bacula-devel] resetting volume status


I recently noticed a problem and perhaps I just didn't know the best way
to correct it, but thought I'd send this out. I'm still running 2.2.7 on
EL3. Strange thing happened with the filesystem, I was out a few days
this week and returned to find all jobs in error status due to being
unable to access the file storage media. Quick check of ls on the
directory showed no files but df showed space used. When I tried to
unmount the partition it refused because it was "busy". After rebooting
the system everything was OK, all volume files were back, and I ran all
backup jobs OK.

Now I was left with one volume with status labeled Error. So how to
change that from Error to Full? I ended up hitting the catalog table
directly to change this. Or did I miss a console command somewhere?

As a side note on bat, after changing the volume status I had to quit
and restart bat for it to show the status change.

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