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[Bacula-devel] Bacula and co in openSUSE build service?


after the recent notification that the dvd+rw-tools now have the 
patches for Bacula in them I got in contact with the openSUSE 
maintainer of that package.

I soon found that Bastian Friedrich already has an OBS repository with 
the current version of Bacula for OpenSUSE 10.2 and 10.3.

Bastian, you might be interested to know that at 
there are rpms with the current dvd+rw-tools to support DVD writing 
with Bacula.

All the other packagers - you might be interested in using the 
OpenSUSE Build Service to create your packages. The OBS supports not 
only SUSE linux but also other linux distributions. I suppose that, if 
you bundled your efforts once, it would be possible to have current 
versions of Bacula for a wide variety of platforms with less work than 
today. As I never used the OBS myself, I wouldn't know any details :-)

Information can be found at http://en.opensuse.org/Build_Service

If you all knew about that option and already decided against using 
it, I apologize for spamming the list.



Arno Lehmann
IT-Service Lehmann

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