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Re: [Bacula-devel] Using xxxMaxRunTime instead of xxxMaxWaitTime

Hello Eric,

On Thursday 03 April 2008 22:10:03 Eric Bollengier wrote:
> Hello,
> At this time, users can use Diff/Incr/Full MaxWaitTime options to
> cancel jobs if they run too much time.
> Actualy, the code doesn't work as expected. It doesn't count the
> the time that the job waits for mounting something, or
> JS_WaitFD
> JS_WaitSD
> JS_WaitMedia
> JS_WaitMount
> JS_WaitStoreRes
> JS_WaitJobRes
> JS_WaitClientRes
> JS_WaitMaxJobs
> JS_WaitPriority
> JS_WaitMedia
> JS_WaitMount
> JS_WaitMaxJobs
> But, it works as MaxRunTime. It could be great to rename them
> Diff MaxWaitTime  to  Diff MaxRunTime
> Incr MaxWaitTime  to  Incr MaxRunTime
> Full MaxWaitTime  to  Full MaxRunTime
> I think that using a *real* MaxWaitTime for each level does not make
> sens.
> What do you think ?

I think the least painful solution is for you to implement a 
correct "MaxWaitTime" directive, then to temporarily keep the 
three "DiffMaxWaitTime", "IncMaxWaitTime", and "FullMaxWaitTime" directives, 
but add new ones with correct names that do the same thing -- that 
is "DiffMaxRunTime"...

That would be released in the next version, and we would tell users that in 
the following release the three  "DiffMaxWaitTime", "IncMaxWaitTime", 
and "FullMaxWaitTime" directives will be removed.   This would permit one 
more release where we would not "break" user's configuration files and give 
them more time to make the changes ...



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