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Re: [Bacula-devel] commit failed with authorization failure

Hi Kern,

yes, that's fix the problem.


Kern Sibbald schrieb:
> Hello Thomas,
> On Friday 04 April 2008 11:20:46 Thomas wrote:
>> Hi,
>> currently (~ since Wednesday ?) i
>> can't commit any changes to the svn (Username ld130),
>> all i get is this error:
>>> svn: Commit failed (details follow):
>>> svn: MKACTIVITY of
>>> '/svnroot/bacula/!svn/act/e83d5129-3f78-4186-8a07-4c8b220ee0f3':
>>> authorization failed (https://bacula.svn.sourceforge.net)
>> is this a common problem or is only my account affected?
> There may be some temporary problem, but I have committed several times this 
> morning.
> I recently had a similar problem, and it turned out to be that Source Forge 
> had expired my password -- a bit of a surprise!  If I remember right, I had 
> to log into the main SF site and change it there, then I had to manually 
> enter the new password on my next SVN commit.
> I just checked your SF status as a "member" of the Bacula project and 
> everything seems to be perfectly in order for having write permission to the 
> SVN.
> If that does not help, please let me know and please file a trouble report 
> with Source Forge (they won't let me do it for you).  Don't hesitate to send 
> me a patch. I will apply it and any others until we get this problem cleared 
> up.
> Best regards,
> Kern
> PS: I'm copying the developer's list just in case this happens to others.
>> Best Regards,
>> Thomas
>> Kern Sibbald schrieb:
>>> Hello
>>> It seems to me that you asked about posting the German manual to the web
>>> site. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost your email, which is quite
>>> unusual. Anyway, I have now written a script that transfers the new
>>> German manual to the web site.  It appears that you have already setup
>>> the links properly because I am able to access it.
>>> I suggest that for the manuals that you have translated in part or in
>>> whole, you add your name "translated to German by ..." to the title
>>> pages.
>>> I will try to set up a weekly copy of the German manual to the web site,
>>> but if at some point, you would like it built and uploaded, just drop me
>>> an email.  I am out a lot these days so it may take me a day or two until
>>> I get a full automatic script setup ...
>>> Many thanks for your continuing work on this project. I really appreciate
>>> it.
>>> Best regards,
>>> Kern


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