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[Bacula-devel] Bacula BETA version 2.2.9-b4 released to Source Forge


This morning I released the Bacula source tar files and the Win32 binaries for 
the fourth beta version of 2.2.9 (2.2.9-b4) to the respective beta release 
areas of Source Forge.

This release fixes three things since the last beta version:
- It remembers the last non-tape autochanger volume that was mounted on each 

- It fixes bug #1068 which caused an SD crash using a "pure virtual" file 
based autochanger -- this probably should be documented.

- It generates correct JobMedia records (indexes) during spooling/despooling 
when running concurrent jobs.  Thanks to Tom Ivar Helbekkmo for noticing the 
problem and doing excellent analysis and testing :-)

Best regards,


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