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Re: [Bacula-devel] Online docs - out of date?

On Thursday 31 July 2008 15:34:23 Dan Langille wrote:
> Are the online does out of date?  I ask http://www.bacula.org/en/rel-
> manual/index.html shows:
>      "This manual documents Bacula version 2.2.8 (26 January 2008)"
> Kern: Let's take away some of your work.  I'm sure we can find
> someone to make sure the online docs are refreshed with each release

Yes, thanks for reporting this.

> Also: I think it would be good to keep each release docs online in
> HTML format.

Yes, that is something I have wanted to see for some time, but it will require 
a volunteer as it requires tweaking html and links in addition to uploading 
the documents ...

> If Kern agrees to do less work, any volunteers to do this?  Sorry,
> not me.  I'm just the messenger.  ;)

Yes, it would be nice to have someone take over maintenance of the web site, 
or even part of it.

In this particular case, it wasn't because I didn't update the site, but 
because I "forgot" that there are two different document versions -- the 
released documents from Branch-2.4 and the English and German manuals from 
the development trunk.  I updated the manuals from the development trunk but 
forgot about Branch-2.4.  Since it will take time to find someone to take 
over some of the work and to bring him up to speed, I'll update the doc this 



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