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Re: [Bacula-devel] 2.4.1 not releasing tapes

Kern Sibbald wrote:
> On Thursday 24 July 2008 23:59:59 Shad L. Lords wrote:
>> Device status:
>> Autochanger "SL-10K" with devices:
>>     "SL-10K-Drive1" (/dev/nst0)
>>     "SL-10K-Drive2" (/dev/nst1)
>> Device "SL-10K-Drive1" (/dev/nst0) is not open.
>>      Drive 0 is not loaded.
>> Device "SL-10K-Drive2" (/dev/nst1) is not open.
>>      Drive 1 is not loaded.
>> ====
>> In Use Volume status:
>> MA3004 on device "SL-10K-Drive2" (/dev/nst1)
>>      Reader=0 writers=0 devres=0 volinuse=0
>> WA3003 on device "SL-10K-Drive2" (/dev/nst1)
>>      Reader=0 writers=0 devres=0 volinuse=0
> Just a note here, when looking at the above.  What is significant is that all 
> the values are zero, which means that the tape is expected to be on that 
> device but is not currently in use.  What is incorrect is that two different 
> volumes are listed with the same drive -- unless it is currently in the 
> process of mounting (acquiring) one, in which case, the non-used one will be 
> released when the new one is fully mounted ...  at least in theory.

This is what was shown after unmounting the devices.  What isn't shown 
is that when I was performing the 3rd backup in this test is that there 
was a 3rd volume "in use" on drive 2.  I've seen as many as 10 "ghost" 
volumes tied to a drive before I restarted the sd.


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