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Re: [Bacula-devel] feature request

> I initially suggested RAIT to the submitter, but he said he was not
> considering that -- if I remember right RAIT actually requires something like
> 5 tape drives. Maybe I am wrong on that though, because I looked at the code
> about 5 years ago.
The link talks about a 3 drive raid 5 RAIT perhaps they allow other
raid levels so RAID 0 could allow 2 drives with 2 times the chance of

>  In any case, once you are talking about an LTO4 drive, it is currently
> impossible or nearly so to drive it full speed (except possibly by some high
> end IBM mainframes), so why complicate things when Bacula still lacks a lot
> of nice features ... :-)
Agreed. Unless you have the tape drives connected directly to your
file storage machine so you are not using a network, you will have to
use 10G NICs and switches or multiple Gbit cards with load balancing
to saturate a single LTO4 drive.


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