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[Bacula-devel] feature request

That Bacula be modified to enable the simultaneous use of multiple tape 
drives, either as a bunch of freestanding units or as multiple drives in 
an autochanger.

For me personally, this would permit faster simpler backup of a large 
single filesystem. I have a two-drive LTO4 tapechanger and at present, 
in order to utilise both drives at once, I have to create two jobs each 
of which backs up part of the filesystem. This is not optimal as the two 
subparts can change size radically, meaning that one drive may spend 
much of its time idle. I also have to split my tapes into two pools, one 
for each job.
I have seen one other similar request to the users list recently, 
whereby a user had a bynch of freestanding drives which he wanted to 
preload with a set of tapes once a week, and then have Bacula 
automatically organise his backup over the tapes as it saw fit.
This may make a cheap alternative to a tapechanger.

A device pool maybe?


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