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Re: [Bacula-devel] Feature Request: Store and restore extended attributes, especially on ext3

Sorry, but you've been beaten to this particular feature request =)


Chun Kit Hui wrote:
> Item: Store and restore extended attributes, especially on ext3
> Date: 28 July 2008
> Origin: Jacky Hui <huichunkit at gmail>
> What: The ability to store and restore extended attributes on
> filesystems that support them, such as ext3.
> Why: Many applications make use of extended attributes to store
> information which is vital to the application. For example, samba uses
> extended attributes to store important CIFS attributes in order to
> provide windows compatibility to CIFS clients. Besides, Security
> Enhanced Linux (SELinux) enabled systems make extensive use of
> extended attributes as well. In addition to the standard user, group,
> and permission,
> each file has an associated SELinux context stored as an extended
> attribute. One may use getfattr before a backup job to backup the
> extended attributes but this is not feasible as a recursive getfattr
> call takes a long time on a moderately sized user data partition.

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