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Re: [Bacula-devel] brestore installation problem


> finally i successfully installed bacula, bacula-web and bweb. - Really
> great tools I must say!


> Nevertheless I have a problem installing brestore. My main problem is
> that there is no installation document in the sourceforge version of
> bacula-gui. That's very strange because the bacula online
> documentation refers to the installation instructions within brestore/
> bweb...but there is no description.

Try to read brestore/INSTALL or bweb/INSTALL

> So, could anybody please tell me what to do?
> - setup a mime type for text/brestore (...I tried this with Action-
> command in httpd.conf...but this had no effect)

It's more simple than that, just open the document with brestore program from 
your computer.

> - copy brestore files to...which places?
> - create a brestore.conf file?

see INSTALL file

> Thank you very much.
> Frank.


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