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[Bacula-devel] Bacula 2.4.2 Released to Source Forge


This is to let you know that the source tar files and the Win32 binaries for 
Bacula version 2.4.2 have been released to the Bacula Source Forge download 

Release 2.4.2
 This is an important bug fix release since version 2.4.1.

Bugs Fixed:
 1034, 1125, 1118, 1124, 1107, 1129, 1126

Change Summary:
- When a migration job actually runs, re-check the Job record
  and skip if the job is already migrated. This should
  significantly reduce the problems with bug #1129.
- Break the do_swapping into do_unload, do_swapping, and
  do_load.  It is much more logical that way.
- Implement a set_dcr_from_vol subroutine in acquire.c for
  reading volumes. This allows the dcr to be refreshed after being
  zapped when the wrong volume is mounted. This should fix bug #1126 -
- During multiple tape restore, bacula
  does not ask for physical tape change, but rereads same tape
- Apply patch submitted for bug #1107 with a small modification.
  This fixes a bug where bcopy copied too many records.
- Make some tweaks to bsmtp based on patch submitted in bug #1124.
  This fixes bug #1124.
- Make the default bat restore Pool be Any. This fixes bug #1118.
- Fix bug #1125 which reports a SD crash at the end of a tape
  during restore. It was a debug statement that should not be
  in a release.
- Fix #1034 by setting big timeout on mysql connections
- Do partial integration of the Win32 bat build created by Eric.
- Ensure that SD tried to mount a volume not in an autochanger
  at least once before asking for operator intervention.
- Fix a pthreads bug in the Win32 pthreads emulation code affects only
  version 2.5.x and above.

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