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Re: [Bacula-devel] Wrong URL for FAQ in code

Dan Langille wrote:
> This point was raised on IRC.
> 25-Jul 14:06 linserver-dir JobId 0: Fatal error: Unable to authenticate 
> with File daemon at "". Possible causes:
> Passwords or names not the same or
> Maximum Concurrent Jobs exceeded on the FD or
> FD networking messed up (restart daemon).
> Please see http://www.bacula.org/rel-manual/faq.html#AuthorizationErrors 
> for help.
> That is the wrong URL.
> Looking at the source code, I have confirmed the problem.  I'll fix it 
> later today.  Just FYI.

Thinking about this again...

We should be doing this with Apache instead of patching the code.  Keep 
our URLs constant, and use Apache to redirect to the correct place.


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