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Re: [Bacula-devel] Can bacula change the ctime on files during a backup?

On Tuesday 22 July 2008 18:37:14 John Drescher wrote:
> There is a long thread in the users list that a user is getting nearly
> full backups for his incrementals with bacula-2.4.X and it was
> discovered that the reason was that the ctime on files was changing
> between backups. He believes that bacula is doing this but I am not so
> sure.

Almost anything is possible, but there have been no changes in the way Bacula 
does backups for quite a few versions, so I doubt that Bacula is doing it.  
Typically it is virus protection software.

If he can provide proof positive, i.e. disable all software other than Bacula 
do a backup and show that file times change, then that might be worth looking 
at.  Also, if it is one user only one user having the problem, it points the 
finger elsewhere.  Finally, I am running 2.4.1 here and have been since 
before it was released, and I am seeing normal Incremental backups.

Thanks for mentioning this ...  I'll take a look at the thread.

Best regards,


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