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Re: [Bacula-devel] Can bacula change the ctime on files during a backup?

John Drescher wrote:
> There is a long thread in the users list that a user is getting nearly
> full backups for his incrementals with bacula-2.4.X and it was
> discovered that the reason was that the ctime on files was changing
> between backups. He believes that bacula is doing this but I am not so
> sure.

Is he running virus scanning software?

 From http://www.bacula.org/en/dev-manual/Configuring_Director.html :

The File daemon (Client) decides which files to backup for an 
Incremental backup by comparing start time of the prior Job (Full, 
Differential, or Incremental) against the time each file was last 
"modified" (st_mtime) and the time its attributes were last 
"changed"(st_ctime). If the file was modified or its attributes changed 
on or after this start time, it will then be backed up.

Some virus scanning software may change st_ctime while doing the scan. 
For example, if the virus scanning program attempts to reset the access 
time (st_atime), which Bacula does not use, it will cause st_ctime to 
change and hence Bacula will backup the file during an Incremental or 
Differential backup. In the case of Sophos virus scanning, you can 
prevent it from resetting the access time (st_atime) and hence changing 
st_ctime by using the --no-reset-atime option. For other software, 
please see their manual.

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