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[Bacula-devel] concurrent multidrive use

Apologies for pestering the developers list, but I cant determine from 
the user docs whether what I want to do is failing because I'm doing it 
wrongly, or simply that its not supported.

I want to define a single job which will backup a single (big) raid 
filesystem to an autochanger which contains multiple tapedrives, and I 
want this job to use all the tapedrives simultaneously. This would seem 
to me to be a pretty standard requirement, but I cant get it to work
with Bacula version 2.4.1

Looking at the Storage Daemon section (6.4) in the new delvelopers docs 
for 2.5.2 (dated 20th July 2008 !) I see that this may not yet be possible:

Today three jobs (threads), two physical devices each job writes to only 
one device:
Job1 -> DCR1 -> DEVICE1
Job2 -> DCR2 -> DEVICE1
Job3 -> DCR3 -> DEVICE2

To be implemented three jobs, three physical devices, but job1 is 
writing simultaneously to three devices:

Job1 -> DCR1 -> DEVICE1
         -> DCR4 -> DEVICE2
         -> DCR5 -> DEVICE3
Job2 -> DCR2 -> DEVICE1
Job3 -> DCR3 -> DEVICE2

Is what I want possible in 2.5.2, or should I wait?


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