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Re: [Bacula-devel] MySQL, PostgreSQL the names of the fields and case sensitive

On Monday 21 July 2008 15:01:41 Yuri Timofeev wrote:
> I made a few mistakes in the code examples of scripts, but generally
> all right ;)
> Yes, of course, names for MySQL "correct". They must be taken as a basis.
> Database, table, field and columns names in PostgreSQL are
> case-independent, unless you created them with double-quotes
> around their name, in which case they are case-sensitive.
> Note: that PostgreSQL actively converts all non-quoted names to lower
> case and so returns lower case in query results.
> In MySQL, table names can be case-sensitive or not, depending on which
> operating system you are using.
> Therefore, if the PostgreSQL to create a table like this:
> CREATE TABLE "Filename" ( "FilenameId" ..., "Name" ...);

I don't have any problem with the above because for the most part these items 
only effect the PostgreSQL scripts -- exception a few temp tables.  However, 
I would like to have the fact that the above will not cause us any problems 
confirmed by our DBA expert -- Marc Cousin.

> then refer to it as
> select filenameid, name from filename ...
> will fail.
> We should be
> select "FilenameId","Name" from "Filename" ...

I am not in favor of doing the above; it would mean massive changes to the 
source code, adds a whole lot of useless characters, and makes it much harder 
to read the code.  It is also a *real* pain within C++ strings where all the 
double quotes will need to be escaped.

If we are talking about this kind of change, I would prefer to leave 
everything as it is.  Our current code is self consistent and correct.  While 
I don't mind making some minor effort to improve portability, it appears that 
the problems are coming from the PDO module, which appears to be 
incompatible, so I am not too inclined to make any massive changes.

> Therefore may be problems with backward compatibility.

I would like to understand the details of any possible compatibility problems 
before committing it ...

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