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Re: [Bacula-devel] MySQL, PostgreSQL the names of the fields and case sensitive

I made a few mistakes in the code examples of scripts, but generally
all right ;)

Yes, of course, names for MySQL "correct". They must be taken as a basis.

Database, table, field and columns names in PostgreSQL are
case-independent, unless you created them with double-quotes
around their name, in which case they are case-sensitive.
Note: that PostgreSQL actively converts all non-quoted names to lower
case and so returns lower case in query results.

In MySQL, table names can be case-sensitive or not, depending on which
operating system you are using.

Therefore, if the PostgreSQL to create a table like this:

CREATE TABLE "Filename" ( "FilenameId" ..., "Name" ...);

then refer to it as

select filenameid, name from filename ...

will fail.

We should be

select "FilenameId","Name" from "Filename" ...

Therefore may be problems with backward compatibility.

with best regards

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