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Re: [Bacula-devel] Windows backup / Linux bare-metal restore

Kern Sibbald <kern <at> sibbald.com> writes:

> Hello,
> Some of this has already been noted by James Harper, but ...
> It seems to me that you are not making best use of Bacula's features.  First, 
> if you are not setting Bacula to do VSS backups, you will never be able to 
> get all the permissions an ACL correct without a lot of work and calling 
> external programs as it seems you are doing.  Using Bacula's VSS feature, 
> should eliminate all that and allow you to restore virtually every bit back 
> to your machine.  In addition, it can probably also save and restore the 
> registry.  The hardest part is getting your machine restored to a state where 
> the Bacula FD can run.  
> There have been a good number of successful implementations of Win32 bare 
> metal recovery, the most used is probably the BartPE implementation.  Win32 
> is not a system that I enjoy working on, so I cannot provide any additional 
> insight, but hopefully this will help you.
> Regards,
> Kern


Well, I do use the VSS features of Bacula. Maybe the calls to "SetACL.exe" are

I don't have any problem with the registry. In fact, it is AD which causes me
trouble and makes the machine unbootable.

Sadly, I can't use BartPE because it is not under GPL. The project's
restrictions make it so.

Alexandre Boily

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