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Re: [Bacula-devel] Windows backup / Linux bare-metal restore

I pursued a similar angle previously, but hoped to be able to get one
step further - ntfs3g can access the 'streams' (I think that's the right
terminology) where the acl information is stored, so I wanted to create
a way for Bacula to be able to extract that stream info from the
BackupFile data and write it into the ntfs3g data. At the time though,
ntfs3g needed a bit too much dev work to be able to easily access that
info. I think it's improved now, but I don't think it's the right way to
go anymore though for the following reasons:

. Windows LiveCD's are so easy to build now, using something like
BartPE, and all the Bacula stuff is better supported under Windows now
too, so I think that's a better approach. If your Windows machine is
just a client to a Linux director then it's even easier.

. Under Linux, it's much harder (although not impossible) to be able to
fix things up if you are restoring to different hardware. 

I have never restored an AD server under Bacula... if you do a full VSS
backup and then a bare-metal restore (eg from a LiveCD), I thought you
didn't need to do the system-state restore? That makes it a PITA... I'd
better do some testing!

Unravelling the API used to backup and restore the system state would be
nice, then it could just be part of the backup. It would still be the
same size but at least you don't need to copy it around to make it work.

Under Backup Exec's IDR, it works like this:
. restore everything (excluding Exchange and MSSQL)
. re-apply some hotfixes (I think this may only be when restoring to
different hardware - the hotfixes must fix some things up)
. reboot - the system runs some Backup Exec thing when it boots the
first time, then reboots again
. restore Exchange and MSSQL databases

(well, that's the theory. We do test restores for our clients on a
regular basis and there is always a new hotfix you need to apply to the
server and then re-burn the IDR boot CD because of some new problem
we've encountered...)


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