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[Bacula-devel] Windows backup / Linux bare-metal restore

Hello everyone,

I am working on a project where I have to backup to tape various Windows
machines (mainly XP Professional and Server 2k3). I have been testing many
schemes and solutions for the past weeks.

In my search for a quick and painless solution, here is the best method I have

>From Windows, do a normal backup. The job I use is based upon the windows full
set from a vanilla install, with some additions like:

RunBeforeJob = "\"C:\\Program Files\\Bacula\\bin\\make_catalog_backup\" bacula
  RunBeforeJob = "\"C:\\SetACL.exe\" -on \"\\\\SERVERNAME\\c$\" -ot file -actn
list -lst \"f:sddl;w:d,s,o,g\" -rec cont -bckp \"C:\\setacl-c.txt\" -silent"
  RunBeforeJob = "\"C:\\SetACL.exe\" -on \"\\\\SERVERNAME\\d$\" -ot file -actn
list -lst \"f:sddl;w:d,s,o,g\" -rec cont -bckp \"C:\\setacl-d.txt\" -silent"
  RunBeforeJob = "ntbackup backup systemstate /F \"C:\\systemstate.bkf\""

The "SetACL.exe" program is taken from setacl.sourceforge.net .

Restore part 1
>From Linux (currently Mandriva 2008.1 on an external USB hard drive, but any
other distro may fit), with a running MySQL database and a working bacula
installation, I bscan the tape to build the catalog.

Then, I restore to fresh NTFS partitions. Because the Windows setups I backupped
are in French, I need to be careful with encodings. The mount commands I use are
of the form:

mount -t ntfs-3g -o users,fmask=0113,dmask=0002,locale=fr_CA.UTF-8 /dev/sdb1

After restoring every file, I use "chntpw" from
http://home.eunet.no/pnordahl/ntpasswd/ , which permits me to reset the local
administrator's password.

Restore part 2
I reboot into Windows, in Active Directory repair mode. I don't know the exact
expression in English; it is one of the many failsafe modes available by
pressing F8 before Windows boots.

I login with the local administrator account, then I restore the ACL with:

C:\> SetACL.exe -on "dummy" -ot file -actn restore -bckp "C:\setacl-c.txt"
C:\> SetACL.exe -on "dummy" -ot file -actn restore -bckp "C:\setacl-d.txt"

Sometimes, SetACL will choke on certain files, like RECYCLER. You need to filter
the offending entries in "setacl-c.txt" and "setacl-d.txt" and restart the
process, until it ends successfully.

At last, I do a system state restore from "C:\systemstate.bkf", using NTBackup.

Final words
This describes the main steps I use to do a complete backup of a Windows
machine, and then do a bare-metal recovery. It works correctly, except for file
attributes. For example, hidden files are no more hidden. On the other hand,
Active Directory works, and the ACL are kept.

Alas, I am still stuck with an annoyance: I would like to get rid of NTBackup. I
need it to do a system state copy, because if I don't do a restore at the end,
Active Directory will complain and make Windows unable to boot. It would be nice
not having to copy a ~500 MB file every incremental backup.

Thanks, and hope that will help,
Alexandre Boily

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