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Re: [Bacula-devel] Improving job scheduling flexibility

Hi Kern,

On Saturday 23 February 2008, Kern Sibbald wrote:
> Hello,
> As you know, current job scheduling has a few deficiencies, particular if
> for some reason your backups get blocked (a bad tape driver or operator
> intervention required), which can lead to a big pile of duplicate jobs
> being scheduled.

I am noticing only today that you have in fact implemented some functionality 
for this topic discussed in February (I finally take this as a hint to 
subscribe to bacula-commits :).

Two comments on the related code:
* You use a variable "DuplicateJobProximity" in job.c that is not available
  for configuration in dird_conf; it is not even initialized... Or am I
  missing something?
* Jobs get canceled based on their job name solely. Wouldn't it be good to
  include some more information, especially the file set? More concrete: A job
  gets canceled if it has the same name and backs up same file set. Possibly,
  even more data could be included for that choice, e.g. destination pool,
  storage, ...

Anyway, I like the overall idea :)

Thx, best regards,

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