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[Bacula-devel] HEADS UP: PostgreSQL UTF-8

If you are using PostgreSQL, heads up.  If not, ignore this.

This email is based on a recent IRC conversation.  Investigations
are incomplete, but it's urgent enough to warrant a HEADS UP.

NOTE: It is documented that PostgreSQL should be used


Check your database:

  $ psql -l | grep bacula
  bacula                | bacula     | SQL_ASCII

If you see UTF-8, not SQL_ASCII, read on, otherwise, ignore.

If you are using UTF-8 encoding for your database, and you
have non-UTF-8 filenames, I suspect that Bacula is silenting
failing to properly include all the files in the Catalog.

I suspect this may be a BATCH mode issue.

Bacula should be raising an error, but it is not.  The type of
error raised by PostgreSQL is:

postgres[15132]: [2-1] ERROR:  invalid byte sequence for encoding  
"UTF8": 0xab

See also: http://bugs.bacula.org/view.php?id=1017

More will follow as I find it out.

Short term solution, untested:

take down bacula-dir
alter database bacula rename to baculaold;
pg_dump baculaold > bacula.sql
createdb -E SQL_ASCII -O bacula
psql bacula < bacula.sql
start bacula-dir

Dan Langille -- http://www.langille.org/

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