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Re: [Bacula-devel] Feature request: Maximum Volume Bytes in Storage resource

I am not sure what you are really requesting here.

Are you simply requesting not to deprecate the Maximum Volume Size in the SD 
or is there something more to this?

You seem to be requesting to add two new directives that do the same thing????



On Wednesday 09 July 2008 14:28:52 Bastian Friedrich wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to submit the following feature request; it is not a crucial one,
> but it should at least be considered before removing the deprecated
> "Maximum Volume Size" statement in the storage daemon.
> Item n:   Add MaxVolumeSize/MaxVolumeBytes statement to Storage resource
>   Origin: Bastian Friedrich <bastian.friedrich@xxxxxxxxxx>
>   Date:   2008-07-09
>   Status: -
>   What:   SD has a "Maximum Volume Size" statement, which is deprecated and
>           superseded by the Pool resource statement "Maximum Volume Bytes".
> It would be good if either statement could be used in Storage resources.
>   Why:    Pools do not have to be restricted to a single storage
> type/device; thus, it may be impossible to define Maximum Volume Bytes in
> the Pool resource. The old MaxVolSize statement is deprecated, as it is SD
> side only.
>           I am using the same pool for different devices.
>   Notes:  State of idea currently unknown. Storage resources in the dir
> config currently translate to very slim catalog entries; these entries
> would require extensions to implement what is described here. Quite
> possibly, numerous other statements that are currently available in Pool
> resources could be used in Storage resources too quite well.
> Thx a lot
>    Bastian

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