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Re: [Bacula-devel] Bat

> > Now that would be so totally kewl.  The only thing that would be so
> > totally kooler would be if there was a way to show a percent done.  That
> > would require calculating the job before running it though which may be
> > a burden.  It could always assume that the number of bytes it needs to
> > back up is similar to the number of bytes backed up on the previous
> > instance of the job.  Naaa, then what do you do for incremental and
> > differential, Ugh.
> Yes, a "real-time" display of the bytes and files saved along with a
> periodic refresh would already be a nice enhancement.   If you want, I
> could easily add code to Bacula core to give you a rough estimate of what
> the total files/bytes will be -- thus you could put a % complete.  It could
> get that information by making an average of say the last 100 jobs run for
> that Job name of the same level.  It would not be perfect but it might be
> pretty good.

I have done this work on bweb to get a progress bar with a good estimation,
(based on file number, and backup size)
the most simple is to define a dummy function that does just a AVG() of the 
last 3 jobs. We can be more accurate later.

For example, postgresql provides rich statistic SQL functions, you can
do lineal regression (not just an average...) and it works very well.


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