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[Bacula-devel] Bacula version 2.4.1 released


We have release Bacula version 2.4.1 source code and Win32 binaries to the 
Bacula project area on Source Forge.  The rpms should follow in the near 

This is a bug fix update to version 2.4.0, which corrects all the known 
problems introduced in the new storage daemon code added in 2.4.0.  Among the 
other bugs fixed, it also fixes a long standing bug where hardlinked files 
frequently could not be restored individually, which until recently, I was 
never able to reproduce.

Best regards,


======== Partial 2.4.1 Release Notes ========

Bugs Fixed:                                                          
 1103, 1100, 1105, 1094, 1109, 1106, 1101, 1102, 1112
 1117, 1116, 1097.

Change summary:
-  Clear in-use bit on vol when unused while swapping.
-  Remove sleep at end of ./bacula
-  Clear hash packet for hardlinked files correctly. This corrects
   a long standing bug where hardlinked files selected individually
   would occasionally not be restored.
-  Apply Eric's patch to ensure that autoprune does not return
   a Volume not in the autochanger unless requested to do so.
-  Correct bat restore display of multiple drives. This fixes
   bug #1117.
-  Do find_a_volume() each time an unload is done. This
   fixes the failure of maxvol2-test.
-  Use Qmsg() in job.c watchdog callback.
-  Release main control rwlock if ABORTing.
-  Make watchdog connect timeout queue messages rather than sending
   directly to avoid lock conflicts with the real thread.
-  Remove const char that causes problems with Python, which has
   older 'incorrect' headers.
-  Add const char in dbd.c to avoid compiler warnings.
-  Fix mtx-changer to detect both versions of Ubuntu (Debian)
   mt. This fixes bug #1116.
-  Fix failure of 2drive-concurrent-test. Always read label;
   clear_unload() only after drive is defined in acquire_for_read().
-  Generally clean up the manual tape loading code. The main
   conceptial change is that when a volume is marked to be unloaded,
   its volume name is retained, and it is only marked as unloaded
   when either the autoloader says it is unloaded or another tape
   is read on that drive.
-  Fix a recycling problem with two autochangers reported in bug
   #1106. This may also (unlikely) fix a second recycling bug as
   reported in #1103.
-  Fix a SD lock volumes deadlock problem reported in bug #1100.
-  Fix format problem in bscan output reported in bug #1105.
-  Copy more data when restarting a job so that run
   overrides are kept. This should fix bug #1094.
-  Backport updates to jobq.c where possible.
-  Fix bug where SD did not ask operator if the device could not
   be opened. Reported by Eric.
-  Add dbuser to DIR conf file (replaces user).
-  Add --with-db-password to ./configure
-  Fix regress to handle db_password.
-  Fix a couple of pedantic compiler warnings.
-  Fix bug when starting a restore on a storage that doesn't
   have the requested MediaType.
-  More work on word alignments -- eliminate all ints from
   the configuration routines.
-  Fix bug reported by Scott Barninger where the bacula script
   refers to scripts in the wrong directory. Needed to meet the
   requirements of recent FHS location changes.
-  Fix word alignment problem on non-Intel 64 bit machines
   such as Solaris.  This should fix bug #1097 -- bus error in SD.
-  Add missing win32/patches/wxWidgets.patch to 2.4 repository.

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