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Re: [Bacula-devel] Bacula BETA 2.4.1-b2 released to Source Forge

Kern Sibbald schrieb:
> Hello,
Hi all,

> We have just released the source files and Win32 binaries of Bacula BETA 
> version 2.4.1-b2 to the Bacula download area of Source Forge.

To support the testing I've built Bacula 2.4.1-b2 for debian/etch. The
packages are based on the 2.2.8 version of debian/testing, with light
modifications. The repository is located at

deb http://www.psycast.de/local-pkgs etch main

The packages are signed with my gpg key id 0x7a42aa98. You can get the
key from http://www.psycast.de/max-at-psycast-de.pub and add it to your
apt keyring with apt-key add.

> Unless there are some unexpected bug reports against this version or against 
> version 2.4.0, this code will be officially released as version 2.4.1 in the 
> beginning of next week.
> Best regards,
> Kern


Dimitri Puzin

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