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[Bacula-devel] bacula 2.4.1b1 waiting for already mounted volume


I am stuck with some difficulties with a Quantum Superloader 3 DLT.
Probably bacula is exactly doing what it is supposed to do and I am just 
not getting it.
I am quite new to bacula so most likely it's my fault...
I would be very glad if someone would be able and willing to help a 
newbie out...

The job-definition is:
Job {
 Name = Test-CatalogBackup-to-tape-every-hour
 Type = Backup
 Level = Full
 Client = WEFIS_bacula-fd
 FileSet = "Bacula-Server System-Backup FileSet"
 Schedule = "4h-Rotation zum Testen mit Baendern"
 Storage = QS3DLT
 Pool = Weekly_Full_Backup_to_DLT
 Messages = Standard
The job runs every hour and uses a Pool of 4 DLT-tapes with a 
maximum-job-count of 1 and a preservation time of three hours. This way 
the oldest tape gets recycled every time.
Dozens of previous instances of this bacup job went well, whithout any 
After that, I upgraded to 2.4.1b1 and might very well have misconfigured 

The storage-definition of the autochanger is:

Autochanger {
 Name = QS3DLT
 Device = DLT-Drive-1
 Changer Command = "/usr/lib/bacula/mtx-changer %c %o %S %a %d"
 Changer Device = /dev/sg3

Device {
 Name = DLT-Drive-1                      #
 Drive Index = 0
 Media Type = DLT-VS1
 Archive Device = /dev/st0
 AutomaticMount = yes;               # when device opened, read it
 AlwaysOpen = no;
 RemovableMedia = yes;
 RandomAccess = no;
 AutoChanger = yes

Bacula started a job that's supposed to be stored on tape, chose exactly 
the right volume "CNV762" from the pool, purged and recycled it. The 
tape was even loaded correctly from the right slot into the drive.
Here's *list volumes of that pool:
|      28 | CNV762     | Recycle   |       1 |             1 |        0 
|       10,800 |
|      29 | CNV763     | Used      |       1 | 3,982,261,248 |        4 
|       10,800 |
|      30 | CNV764     | Used      |       1 | 3,545,837,568 |        4 
|       10,800 |
|      43 | CNV761     | Used      |       1 | 3,982,841,856 |        4 
|        3,600 |

Now, the job is waiting for the right volume to be mounted, which is 
already in the drive.
The storage-device's status is:

Device status:
Autochanger "QS3DLT" with devices:
  "DLT-Drive-1" (/dev/st0)
Device "FileStorage_SATA-RAID1-MD1" (/var/bacula/File-Storage) is not open.
Device "DLT-Drive-1" (/dev/st0) open but no Bacula volume is currently 
   Device is BLOCKED waiting for mount of volume "CNV762",
      Pool:        Weekly_Full_Backup_to_DLT
      Media type:  DLT-VS1
   Slot 2 is loaded in drive 0.
   Total Bytes Read=322,560 Blocks Read=5 Bytes/block=64,512
   Positioned at File=0 Block=0
Device "DVD Writer" (/dev/hda) is not open.

In Use Volume status:
CNV762 on device "DLT-Drive-1" (/dev/st0)
   Reader=0 writers=0 devres=1 volinuse=1

This looks perfectly right to me. Still, the job won't start.

What am I missing?

Thank you a lot for any advice!

Best regards, Nils

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