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Re: [Bacula-devel] Build problem 2.4.1-b1


Yes, I don't know who decided that all strings are by default constant in the 
new g++ compiler, but it was a very bad decision.  In addition, they have 
made it so that an automatic cast of a subroutine argument from const char * 
to char * is no longer valid.  The result is a gigantic mess that will 
require many millions of lines of code to be changed -- in many cases, such 
as Bacula, the developer will be *forced* to include additional casting, 
which will decrease the readability of the code.

It is very frustrating.

To avoid future problems -- at least until the Python library changes, I have 
included the ugly casting in the 2.4.1-b2 Beta release now in preparation, so 
this problem should go away in the near future.  However, because of the bad 
decisions taken, it is likely to come back one day.

Best regards,


On Thursday 03 July 2008 01:03:33 Stephen Carr wrote:
> Dear Kern
> I could not test the beta version as it fails to build with prior
> configuration - it is an old box with python 2.3
> If I do NOT have --with-python  it builds OK but then after the install
> and restarting bacula there is a problem bconsole cannot connect to the
> director and there is nothing listening on port 9101
> elizabeth.[/etc/bacula] bconsole
> Connecting to Director elizabeth.civeng.adelaide.edu.au:9101
> 03-Jul 07:54 bconsole JobId 0: Fatal error: bsock.c:129 Unable to connect
> to Director daemon on elizabeth.civeng.adelaide.edu.au:9101.
> ERR=Connection refused
> elizabeth.[/etc/bacula] netstat -na | grep LISTEN| grep 910
> tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN
> tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN
> Attached is a file with compile errors.
> Willing to help - where should I report these problems.
> Thanks
> Stephen Carr

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