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[Bacula-devel] Bacula BETA 2.4.1-b1 released to Source Forge


We have released the source code and Win32 binaries of Bacula BETA version 
2.4.1-b1 to the Bacula Source Forge download area.  Normally, we don't 
announce beta releases on the bacula-announce list, but given that we had 
very few beta testers for version 2.4.0, we are hoping that some of you will 
help out.  Without beta testers, it is impossible to ensure correct, stable 
releases.  Many thanks to those who did help with the testing ...

This is a bug fix to version 2.4.0, which primarily corrects problems with 
manually loading volumes.  Due to the complexity of the Storage daemon, it is 
possible that these changes have introduced new bugs into the autochanger 
code, so please proceed with caution in testing.

There still remain a couple of issues to be resolved before the official 2.4.1 

=== Extract of Release Notes ===
This release consists of a number of bug fixes since version 2.4.0.
Important sections of the Storage daemon mount system have been
enhanced to correctly loading autochanger volumes when the drive
is empty and to handle manual tape changes.  Hopefully this will
resolve all the manual mount problems.

Bugs Fixed (hopefully -- not all confirmed):
 1103, 1100, 1105, 1094, 1109, 1106, 1101, 1102, 1112

Release Beta version 2.4.1-b1
-  Back out bad src/lib/base64.c change.
-  Generally clean up the manual tape loading code. The main
     conceptial change is that when a volume is marked to be unloaded,
     its volume name is retained, and it is only marked as unloaded
     when either the autoloader says it is unloaded or another tape
     is read on that drive.
-  Fix a recycling problem with two autochangers reported in bug
     #1106. This may also (unlikely) fix a second recycling bug as
     reported in #1103.
-  Fix a SD lock volumes deadlock problem reported in bug #1100.
-  Fix format problem in bscan output reported in bug #1105.
-  Copy more data when restarting a job so that run
     overrides are kept. This should fix bug #1094.
-  Backport updates to jobq.c where possible.
-  Fix bug where SD did not ask operator if the device could not
     be opened. Reported by Eric.
-  Add dbuser to DIR conf file (replaces user).
-  Add --with-db-password to ./configure
-  Fix regress to handle db_password.
-  Fix a couple of pedantic compiler warnings.
-  Fix bug when starting a restore on a storage that doesn't
     have the requested MediaType.
-  More work on word alignments -- eliminate all ints from
     the configuration routines.
-  Fix bug reported by Scott Barninger where the bacula script
     refers to scripts in the wrong directory. Needed to meet the
     requirements of recent FHS location changes.
-  Fix word alignment problem on non-Intel 64 bit machines
     such as Solaris.  This should fix bug #1097 -- bus error in SD.
-  Add missing win32/patches/wxWidgets.patch to 2.4 repository.

Best regards,


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