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Re: [Bacula-devel] [PATCH] Make bacula(-client) work on IRIX 6.5

Hi Kern,

* [27.08.08 22:11]:
> with Irix and stdint.h on that system to figure out the problem  :-)
stdint.h should only be included in c99 mode and I'm compiling for ANSI (as
you may have noticed in the flags). It's just unnecessary and throws an error
every time included, so I've commented it out.

> it but for the moment, it is the most portable way of configuring that we 
> have ...
Yes, which is a pity. Take IRIX for example: The usual case is that autotools
make more problems then it solves. If one has to test the "portable" way on
every architecture anyways, why not just make a set of conditional variables
set how they should be set on each architecture? Anyways, we don't want to
discuss autotools in this thread :-).

> If it is only a warning, then I would try compiling the code without your 
> patch (i.e. ignore the warning), run the FD and periodically over a few weeks 
> or months do a status client and look at the output of the following line:
> Heap: heap=901,120 smbytes=8,924 max_bytes=514,665 bufs=57 max_bufs=200
OK, I will have an eye on that as soon as I have generated the inst-package
and running it productively.

> The other solution is to find a GNU C++ compiler version 3.4 or later -- that 
> should resolve the problem, but I imagine that is a painful solution ...  
Yes. I think the MIPSpro we have here does optimize a lot better for the MIPS
architecture than the gcc. Also, my system administrator doesn't like GNU
software at all :-).

Thanks for your mails and for helping to eliminate the problems. I really
appreciate it.

Best regards,

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