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Re: [Bacula-devel] [PATCH] Make bacula(-client) work on IRIX 6.5

On Wednesday 27 August 2008 21:44:56 Michael Stapelberg wrote:
> Hi Kern,
> * [27.08.08 21:41]:
> > Thanks for the patch.
> You're welcome.
> > I did not apply the change to src/bacula.h.  You will need to do it
> > another way.  If HAVE_STDINT_H is defined, then it should be included, so
> > the correct fix is either to undefine HAVE_STDINT_H or figure out why it
> > is incorrectly being set.
> Please change the necessary files in autoconf to accomplish this. I don't
> know how to use autoconf and I don't want to learn it, it's the wrong
> approach IMO

Unfortunately, I cannot see what is going wrong since I do not have an Irix 
system.  I did compile the FD on it a number of years ago, with the current 
#ifdefing in src/bacula.h and it worked fine.  It will take someone familiar 
with Irix and stdint.h on that system to figure out the problem  :-)

> :-).

Yes, well it took me several years to learn configure, and I don't much like 
it but for the moment, it is the most portable way of configuring that we 
have ...

> :
> > I also did not include the changes to smartall.h since without it, any
> > debug code will very likely either break or not free the desired buffer. 
> > I don't see why this change would be needed.
> This change is not needed, but the MIPSpro compiler throws the following
> warning:
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> cc-3333 CC: WARNING File = ../lib/smartall.h, Line = 130
> Support for placement delete is disabled.
> void  operator delete(void *ptr, const char *fname, int line)
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I'm not sure how to fix this the right way. Any suggestions?

If it is only a warning, then I would try compiling the code without your 
patch (i.e. ignore the warning), run the FD and periodically over a few weeks 
or months do a status client and look at the output of the following line:

Heap: heap=901,120 smbytes=8,924 max_bytes=514,665 bufs=57 max_bufs=200

If heap or smbytes do not increase much you are OK.  If they increase over 
time you might start worrying that something went wrong.  Of course, the 
numbers shown above will be all different on your system.  

The other solution is to find a GNU C++ compiler version 3.4 or later -- that 
should resolve the problem, but I imagine that is a painful solution ...  
I'll see if I can remove all "new" calls in some future version, which will 
remove the need for this code which I don't much like,

Best regards,


> Best regards,
> Michael

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