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Re: [Bacula-devel] [PATCH] Make bacula(-client) work on IRIX 6.5

Hi Kern,

* [27.08.08 21:41]:
> Thanks for the patch.
You're welcome.

> I did not apply the change to src/bacula.h.  You will need to do it another 
> way.  If HAVE_STDINT_H is defined, then it should be included, so the correct 
> fix is either to undefine HAVE_STDINT_H or figure out why it is incorrectly 
> being set.
Please change the necessary files in autoconf to accomplish this. I don't know
how to use autoconf and I don't want to learn it, it's the wrong approach IMO

> I also did not include the changes to smartall.h since without it, any debug 
> code will very likely either break or not free the desired buffer.  I don't 
> see why this change would be needed.
This change is not needed, but the MIPSpro compiler throws the following

cc-3333 CC: WARNING File = ../lib/smartall.h, Line = 130
Support for placement delete is disabled.

void  operator delete(void *ptr, const char *fname, int line)

I'm not sure how to fix this the right way. Any suggestions?

Best regards,

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