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Re: [Bacula-devel] Small request: meaningful commit log entries

> > Just a small request: If you're committing something, please
> > tell us what the commit does. A log message of "Tweak" doesn't tell
> > anything useful, and makes it REALLY HARD to figure out what
> > without a lot of pointless digging.
> I use Tweak or sometimes update to mean that I made some inmaterial
> change,
> which doesn't merit any time or normally any regression testing.  Most
> the
> time "update" just means changing a comment or a date, and "tweak"
> means
> switching from some old code style to a new one (e.g. use class method
> call
> rather than subroutine call).

I guess then my question remains: how much harder is it to say "Update
comment about <foo>" than just put in "update"? Why send people on the
goose chases to figure that out? Why not just say so?

> When I review the technotes prior to a release, sometimes important
> changes
> are not precisely commented -- the comments seem OK when made, but a
> later have little meaning.  I try to eliminate all possible such real
> lackings at least at release time, but tweaks and updates will
> continue to be used as such simply because the diff is

OK. I said my piece, so continue as you prefer. 

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