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Re: [Bacula-devel] Small request: meaningful commit log entries

On Tuesday 26 August 2008 17:39:09 David Boyes wrote:
> Most of you are pretty good about this, but there are a few outliers
> that it would be good to get into the habit of meaningful commit logs.
> Just a small request: If you're committing something, please actually
> tell us what the commit does. A log message of "Tweak" doesn't tell us
> anything useful, and makes it REALLY HARD to figure out what happened
> without a lot of pointless digging.
> Thanks for considering this suggestion.

I use Tweak or sometimes update to mean that I made some inmaterial change, 
which doesn't merit any time or normally any regression testing.  Most of the 
time "update" just means changing a comment or a date, and "tweak" just means 
switching from some old code style to a new one (e.g. use class method call 
rather than subroutine call).

Tweaks and updates almost never accompanied with an entry in the technotes 

Normally any significant change must have an entry in the technotes file, 
which is reproduced in the commit log.  Sometimes due to error/fatigue/... 
these are missing bug generally fixed later.  

When I review the technotes prior to a release, sometimes important changes 
are not precisely commented -- the comments seem OK when made, but a month 
later have little meaning.  I try to eliminate all possible such real 
lackings at least at release time, but tweaks and updates will probably 
continue to be used as such simply because the diff is self-explanatory. 


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