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Re: [Bacula-devel] [Bacula-users] Feature request: Amazon S3 integration

> Right now we can tell bacula to use file storage and use maximum block
> size of 5gb. Use torrent/http put  program to upload it to s3.
> So what you guys suggest is for bacula to manage the upload/download?

I think that's what the original poster had in mind, using the S3 API in
the Bacula SD. 

What I'm thinking is that Bacula does the client interaction, scheduling
etc that makes up a backup subsystem. It uses the MSS (managed storage
system) to do the actual data storage. From Bacula's perspective, the
MSS looks like a tape of infinite length that can store objects (jobs,
in this case, or files if we want to make more changes to the SD).
Doesn't care about size, just "store this". Bacula makes a note of the
unique object id locally. 

Expiration, restore, etc is still under the control of Bacula. Instead
of doing media management directly, it tells the MSS "I'm done with this
object, you can let it expire naturally", or "delete this immediately".
Bacula could also just let the MSS manage it, but that would be a major
change to the architecture, probably not what we want. 

Any twinning, tape duplication, offsite archive, writing to media of
different types, pool mgmt, etc is all done inside the MSS, governed by
a storage management policy. Multiple applications can share a MSS, no
contention for devices (the MSS controls them), common operator
interface across multiple applications, etc, etc. 

A S3 interface would be a MSS agent, using the S3 API to move data as
needed. Then any application would benefit immediately, if your storage
mgmt policy permitted it to use S3. 

Much easier to manage and use.

-- db

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