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Re: [Bacula-devel] Feature request: Amazon S3 integration

On Mon, Aug 25, 2008 at 12:01:45PM -0400, Dan Langille wrote:
> pay more attention to my general suggestion: namely, pick a solution
> that is Bacula independent.
>> His idea is a repeat of one of my suggestions, namely teaching Bacula
>> to interact directly with S3.
> Great.  :)

You realise that a solution that is bacula independent and a solution
that teaches Bacula to interact directly with S3 are opposites, right?

> But my understanding is it involves write a driver which confirms to
> the  API.  Much like writing a SCSI interface to S3.

Um.. No. It's not like writing a SCSI interface to S3 at all. As someone
else pointed out, the semantics of interfacing with a tape drive and S3
are very different. I'm not saying it couldn't be done, but it would be
a horrible hack, and would be useless for anything but applications that
deal with tapes, so you've won absolutely nothing.

Even interfacing with S3 and a filesystem is different. AFAIK, you can't
open a "file" on S3 and seek back and forth in it and access it

Also, which API are you referring to? Bacula's or S3's?

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