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Re: [Bacula-devel] bacula ACL restore errors when replace=never

This sounds like a bug to me and probably should be reported in the bugs 
database.  That said, it would be good to try to isolate what is going on 
here as much as possible because we currently don't have much spare time, 
which means that if you can pinpoint the problem we can probably fix it 
quickly, but if we need reproduce the problem and research what is going 
wrong, it will need to wait a bit.

Best regards,


On Monday 25 August 2008 16:39:34 Bastian Friedrich wrote:
> Hi,
> I am writing to devel and users lists, as I suspect a veeeeeeery strange
> bug somewhere :)
> My setup:
> - Bacula svn trunk, currently named 2.5.3
> - Linux 2.6.16, glibc 2.3.5 ("Home brew")
> - Problem also visible when fd is Linux 2.6.25, glibc 2.8 (openSUSE 11.0)
> - File system contains quite a number of files/dirs with ACLs set
> My problem:
> When restoring with "replace=never", but with an EMPTY (!) target directory
> ("where"), I get error messages during restore:
> ------------------------------------------------
> 25-Aug 15:31 bilbobox4-fd JobId 1331: Error: acl.c:272 acl_set_file error
> on file "/restoredir/restorefile": ERR=Permission denied
> ------------------------------------------------
> ... and in fact, the ACLs are not set correctly. My fd is running as
> "root", so I absolutely do not see a point in "Permission denied" (although
> I traced the error code back to the acl_set_file() call in acl.c - the
> message is correct). The file whose ACLs are to be set does exist at that
> point in time.
> When using "replace=always", everything works fine (!).
> ------------------------------------------------
> replace=ifnewer/ifolder result in "strange" events also, but I have not yet
> fully tracked that down.
> ------------------------------------------------
> If the files the restore would write do in fact resist (e.g. by running the
> restore job twice), the error message is instead:
> ------------------------------------------------
> 25-Aug 15:33 bilbobox4-fd JobId 1332: Error: acl.c:272 acl_set_file error
> on file "": ERR=No such file or directory
> ------------------------------------------------
> with an empty file name. In this case, bacula-fd should bail out /before/
> trying to set the ACLs (and possibly other meta data it is not expected to
> overwrite).
> Can you either confirm my experiences, or the opposite (i.e. you do not see
> the problem)? I'll be glad to share more info/log files if needed.
> Thx & best regards
>    Bastian

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