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Re: [Bacula-devel] Feature request: Amazon S3 integration

David Boyes wrote:
>> Umm, my understanding is all systems that Bacula runs upon provide a
>> SCSI interface.
> Nope. No SCSI on my z10s. Multi-path FICON Express, dude. 8-)


Straight over my head.

>> Look, please stop trying to poke holes in my specific suggestion and
> pay
>> more attention to my general suggestion: namely, pick a solution that
> is
>> Bacula independent.
> Right on. It's bloody well time that Unix had a proper storage
> management interface, which is exactly what we're in the process of
> creating. There's no excuse for every single application implementing
> their own way of handling stuff like that.

Good (hoping that's not sarcasm that I'm missing).

Dan Langille

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