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Re: [Bacula-devel] Feature request: Amazon S3 integration

Soren Hansen wrote:
> Hi!
> I'd like to request Amazon S3 integration in Bacula. I can imagine two
> approaches. Note that I'm not very familiar with the Bacula code base at
> all, so either approach (or both) might prove to be unsuitable.
> One way to achieve this is would be to add a new backend to the storage
> daemon: Add options to specify your access identifies and the name of an
> S3 bucket which is expected to be used exclusively for this purpose.
> Another, more general approach would be to add a sort of "shell" backend
> to the storage daemon: Simply add an "exec" or "cmd" option, which
> denoted an external command that would provide an interface between
> bacula and some kind of storage backend. It would accept subcommands
> corresponding to the storage backend API (if such a thing exists).
> As outlined on Bacula's homepage, here's the feature request in the
> formal format.
> Item 1:   Implement an interface between Bacula and Amazon's S3.
>   Date:   25 August 2008
>   Origin: Soren Hansen <soren@xxxxxxxxxx>
>   Status: Not started.
>   What:   Enable the storage daemon to store backup data on Amazon's
>           S3 service.
>   Why:    Amazon's S3 is a cheap way to store data off-site. Current
>           ways to integrate Bacula and S3 involve storing all the data
>           locally and syncing them to S3, and manually fetching them
>           again when they're needed. This is very cumbersome.

To maintain system independence, would not a better way be:

  create a SCSI interface to Amazon S3

This would allow Amazon S3 to be used with more than Bacula without any 
changes to Bacula.

Dan Langille

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