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[Bacula-devel] BAT packaging on minimal RHEL/CentOS without X server


(as the original message sent was lost I resend this; the previous 
subject was
Re: [Bacula-devel] Contrib builder (fschwarz) - adjust dependencies)

After additional investigation it seems that BAT needs that
*any* TTF font be present on the system.
Actually, the initial suggestion to install Bitstream Vera is not very 
good since it is not an Unicode font; however, it allows BAT to start, 
at least.
I've installed Liberation (GPL) fonts now (I do need Unicode fonts for
my setup) since I was unable to find out which one was a Unicode font in
"standard" CentOS ;-/.
But in case there are no TTF at all BAT fails to start. This is probably
the reason that BAT works fine without Bitstream Vera fonts on Scott's
SuSE 11.

This is a problem of either BAT itself (missing proper error handling)
or Qt. So the conclusion is that packaging cannot solve the situation


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