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Re: [Bacula-devel] Selective restore when files are pruned [patch]

On Tuesday 19 August 2008 20:46:33 David Boyes wrote:
> One suggestion might be to implement a backup object versioning scheme.
> In most cases, the most active data in the system is the current version
> of a backup object. What if we retained the current table structure for
> the most recent version of each object, and moved any previous version
> to the per client tables Kern has suggested.
> This would allow most of the common scripts to continue to work as is
> (most of them are really concerned with the most current versions of the
> data), and a view could be defined to provide a similar structure for
> scripts working on older versions of files w/o impacting the current
> performance for real-time backup processing.
> This would clearly hit the expiration processing and restore processing
> (in that both would have to become aware of versioning) , and expiration
> would have to be aware of the difference between whether this was the
> last copy of an object or not, but I think that would be overall
> valuable as well as solving this particular problem.

I am not sure how this is different from what I am proposing other than I am 
suggesting to let the user define a new time period (or if you really want # 
of backups or versions) after which the File data will be moved into a less 
active "OldFiles" table.  The exact details or methods chosen to move the 
records can certainly be discussed, and we may implement several.  What I 
would like to make sure is that the concept is sound ...

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