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Re: [Bacula-devel] patch for presence of file daemon

On Tuesday 19 August 2008 20:38:29 David Boyes wrote:
> May I suggest a slightly different approach?
> What if you added a console command that would provide the time and date
> of the next scheduled run for a specific client? And what if we either
> modified the FD to (or wrote a small application that would) connect as
> a console, retrieve the next scheduled date/time, disconnect, and then
> wait until that time arrived and run a command -- such as a bconsole
> script that connected as a console, did a SETIP command for the node in
> question, and ran the scheduled backup?

Yes, that is perfectly fine, and isn't really any different from what I 
suggest, except it is an addition that permits the FD to know the date/time 
of the next scheduled job.  I can imagine doing all kinds of additions such 
as that as they fit in very nicely with the current design, which has worked 
quite well.

> I think that would satisfy both parties, would not require any new
> ports, and would also resolve the client-initiated backup problem as
> well.

To satisfy another concept in project #2 you also need to be able to start a 
job from the FD (not a separate program) and have the director then use that 
connection to do the backup.  It isn't very hard, but requires a bit of new 

>From what I read, the problem from their side is not so much the problems or 
solutions you mention, but they want to maintain the state and prohibit the 
Dir from trying to contact the Director if the Director and FD have not 
previously communicated, and they want both sides to try to contact the other 
on startup.  The first point opens a big hole where basically the Director 
will never run a job, and the second creates a situation where the Director 
may be blocked several hours or more if there is a communications problem 
when it starts.



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