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Re: [Bacula-devel] patch for presence of file daemon

Kern Sibbald wrote:
> ...
> Possible New code:
> What is really missing in the FD is item 2 in the current projects list "Allow 
> FD to initiate a backup".  What I had planned here is the following: modify 
> the FD so that it can be contacted by a local console and the FD (not Dir) 
> can be asked to do a Backup, or simply to send its IP address.   The FD would 
> then simulate a console (possibly identifying itself as the FD) and do a 
> SETIP command, and possibly ask for a backup.  Note, both of these are 
> already controlled by restricted consoles, so the security is pretty much 
> assured.
> What is different about this is that if the FD requests a backup, the 
> Director's console handler would start the job but pass the open console 
> connection it has with the FD to the backup command, and the backup would 
> proceed over that connection.  That permits implementing project item 2 and 
> it also allows a work around for certain firewall problems where the Director 
> cannot contact a particular client (maybe the client is behind a firewall or 
> NATed in another network) so the Director can use the connection made by the 
> FD.

That would be a very useful capability for those of us dealing with 
laptops that are intermittently connected. Still, it might be useful to 
allow the Director to limit the times/days that a client can request a 
backup. Perhaps it would be possible to use something like a Schedule 
resource for that and a "AllowClientBackupRequest = <Schedule resource>" 
in the Job (or JobDefs) resource? Probably the default should be to 
never allow client initiated backup, since currently it is assumed that 
backups always occur on a predefined schedule.

> I also would not be opposed to adding a directive to the FD that tells it to 
> send its IP address to the Director when the FD starts, but it would do so by 
> using the console "emulation" and sending the SETIP command.
> So, I think what I proposed above will essentially give you what you have 
> implemented, but a bit simpler, and it will also implement project item 2, 
> which will take a bit of additional work.
> If this interests you, we will need to discuss a few of the details so I can 
> show you how we can identify and if we want multiplex the FD, which is quite 
> easy to do.
> Best regards,
> Kern
> PS: though it is probably not necessary, I have made a few comments below ...
> ...

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