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Re: [Bacula-devel] Trying out the VirtualFull feature.

On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 09:48:33PM +0200, Kern Sibbald wrote:
> The above segmentation problem is because you are running a relatively old 
> kernel, which is broken -- or at least the header files and OS calls on your 
> system do not correspond to the reality.


OK, thanks, I've got the regressions running on a different machine with a
newer kernel now, and the segfaults have gone away.

I ran virtual-backup-test, and it told me that it completed OK.
However, I was suspicious, so I watched carefully what it was doing.

It looks to me as if it is doing exactly what I was seeing with my original
setup, where the VirtualFull only includes the previous Full and misses out
the differentials and incrementals.

To prove this, I made a couple of changes to virtual-backup-test (the patch
is attached to this email). I also made sure that 'Accurate = yes' was set
on the backup job definitions in the bacula-dir.conf, but I don't think that

Before the first full backup, I echoed the date to a file in the area that
that gets backed up. Then I echoed the (new) date to the same file just before
the last incremental backup.
I would then expect the restore before and after the subsequent VirtualFull
to give the same results, but they don't.
The test reports the following:

  !!!!! virtual-backup-test failed!!! 11:27:21 !!!!! 
  !!!!! Restored files differ          !!!!! 
   Status: backup=0 restore=0 diff=1

--- /tmp/virtual-backup-test	Tue Aug 19 11:22:55 2008
+++ tests/virtual-backup-test	Tue Aug 19 11:25:02 2008
@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@
 label storage=DiskChanger volume=ChangerVolume001 slot=1 Pool=Full drive=0
 label storage=DiskChanger volume=ChangerVolume002 slot=2 Pool=Full drive=0
 @# run several jobs
+@exec "sh -c 'date > ${cwd}/build/date'"
 run job=$JobName level=Full yes
@@ -48,12 +49,14 @@
 list jobs
+@exec "sh -c 'date > ${cwd}/build/date'"
 @exec "sh -c 'touch ${cwd}/build/src/dird/*.o'"
 run job=$JobName level=Incremental yes
 list jobs
 list volumes
+@exec "sh -c 'rm -f ${cwd}/build/date'"
 @# now do a normal restore of normal backups
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