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Re: [Bacula-devel] Selective restore when files are pruned [patch]

On Monday 18 August 2008 19:51:47 Dan Langille wrote:
> Kern Sibbald wrote:
> > On a similar but slightly different subject: one user brought up a
> > problem that we are surely likely to see quite a lot in the near future. 
> > He has 600 million File records in his Bacula catalog, and he is required
> > to have at least a 7 year retention period, which means the database is
> > growing (I think it is currently at 100GB), and it will continue to grow.
> >
> > He has proposed to improve performance to have a separate File table for
> > each client.  This would very likely improve the performance quite a lot
> > because if you have say 60 clients, instead of having one gigantic File
> > table it would be split into 60 smaller tables.  For example, instead of
> > referencing File, Bacula would for a clients named FD1 and FD2 reference
> > FD1Files and FD2Files, and so on, each of which would be identical tables
> > but containing only the data for a single client.
> Why not use a different Catalog for each Client?

Yes that is also an option, especially if you are reaching database limits, 
but it considerably complicates the Bacula administration (i.e. manpower), 
and Bacula still needs a bit more work to handle multiple database 
smoothly -- e.g. just creating and upgrading currently is a real pain because 
our scripts only handle the database named "bacula".

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