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Re: [Bacula-devel] Selective restore when files are pruned [patch]

Kern Sibbald wrote:
> On a similar but slightly different subject: one user brought up a problem 
> that we are surely likely to see quite a lot in the near future.  He has 600 
> million File records in his Bacula catalog, and he is required to have at 
> least a 7 year retention period, which means the database is growing (I think 
> it is currently at 100GB), and it will continue to grow.
> He has proposed to improve performance to have a separate File table for each 
> client.  This would very likely improve the performance quite a lot because 
> if you have say 60 clients, instead of having one gigantic File table it 
> would be split into 60 smaller tables.  For example, instead of referencing 
> File, Bacula would for a clients named FD1 and FD2 reference FD1Files and 
> FD2Files, and so on, each of which would be identical tables but containing 
> only the data for a single client.

Why not use a different Catalog for each Client?

Dan Langille

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