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[Bacula-devel] Couple questions about using a "disk-changer"

I'm working on an idea for using Amazon S3 in conjunction with the 
disk-changer functionality.  I have several of the ideas worked out in 
my head, but there are a couple things that still aren't clear after 
reading the docs.  If there is documentation or a library I missed 
somewhere, please feel free to point them out.

1. The docs (and disk-changer script) don't seem to answer the question 
of what happens if "slot" has not previously been written to?  Does the 
disk-changer put an empty (zero byte) file there?  Or is there some 
initialization I'm missing?

2. Is there a database independent way of getting information about 
volumes?  Here's why I'm wondering: if bacula requests slotN, and slotN 
is purged, there is no reason for downloading it from Amazon, and 
instead I would just create an empty file, and upload it when it 
gets "removed" from the virtual drive.*  I know I could pipe my command 
through bconsole, but I'd rather have a library, even if I'm binding 
via ctypes or such.

*Yes, I'm aware of concurrency issues, delays, etc.  The architecture 
isn't all there yet, still in the idea formation stage.

Thanks for any input!  I'll be posting more about this when the idea is 
more congealed.


Joshua Kugler
Part-Time System Admin/Programmer
PGP Key: http://pgp.mit.edu/  ID 0xDB26D7CE

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